Many students in Serbia live either in student dormitories or in rented apartments. If you are coming to Serbia through a student exchange program check whether it is possible to book a room in student dormitories through that program. Please have in mind that the there is a selection process involved and that there is usually many students who want to live in dormitories. For more information on student dormitories visit websites of students’ centres in university towns.

BEOGRAD – Studentski centar

Svetozara Markovića br.56; +381(0)11/2658-699; +381(0)11/3612-715

NOVI SAD – Studentski centar

Dr Sime Miloševića 4; +381(0)21/451-300

NIŠ – Studentski centar

Velikotrnovska br.2;  +381(0)18/236-686; +381(0)18/226-487

KRAGUJEVAC – Studentski centar

Radoja Domanovića br.1; +381(0)34/336-065; +381(0)34/335-431;

ČAČAK – Studentski centar

Sveti Sava br.66; +381(0)32/222-302

KRALjEVO – Studentski dom

Dositejeva br.19; +381(0)36/383-360

BOR – Studentski centar

Kralja Petra Prvog br.14; +381(0)30/433-521;

UŽICE – Studentski centar

Ive Andrića br.19; +381(0)31/553-235; 031/553-236

SUBOTICA – Studentski centar

Segedinski put br.11; +381(0)24/548-394; +381(0)24/546-637

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Studentski centar „Priština“

Džona Kenedija br.6; +381(0)28/425-508; +381(0)28/425-509

All university towns also have a lot of rental apartments and rooms for students. Prices vary from services offered and location and can go from 50EUR for a shared room to over EUR200 for an apartment in the city. You can find ads at specialized websites for roommates search and student appartments, such as, as well as in classified papers and sites.