Institution titleCity

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine provides study programmes in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, as well as in special education and rehabilitation, public health, biomedical engineering, nursing and other related fields.
Novi Sad

Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Philology provides study programmes in Serbian language and literature and over 30 foreign languages and cultures, library and translation studies and related disciplines.

Faculty of Technical Sciences

Faculty of Technical Sciences is the largest faculty within the University of Novi Sad with 10,000 students, over 4000 members of staff in 13 departments, 10 administrative units and 31 research centres.
Novi Sad

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering educates students in the fields of transport and traffic.

Technical Faculty

Technical Faculty in Bor is the only faculty of the University of Belgrade located outside the capital city, offering courses in mining and metallurgical engineering as well as engineering management and technology.

Faculty of Occupational Safety

Faculty of Occupational Safety provides courses in environment protection, fire protection, emergency management and communal system management and occupational safety.

Faculty of Political Sciences

Faculty of Political Sciences focuses on education and research in the fields of political science, international relations, journalism and communication studies, as well as social policy and social work.

Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Faculty of Organizational Sciences provides education in the fields of management, information systems and software, public administration and related disciplines.

Faculty of Sciences

Faculty of Sciences offers courses in mathematics, informatics, ecology, biology, geography, physics, chemistry and related disciplines.
Novi Sad

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture offers study programmes in architecture, civil engineering and related fields.

Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Philosophy offers academic study programmes in philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, journalism, communication and public relations, pedagogy, as well as in Serbian and foreign language and literature studies.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science offers academic courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, informatics, biology and ecology.

Faculty of Economy

Faculty of Economy provides academic courses in economics, business management, finance, banking and related disciplines.

Academy of Arts

Academy of Arts consists of three departments: the Department of Music, the Department of Fine Arts, and the Department of Dramatic Arts.
Novi Sad

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica provides study programmes in civil engineering, structural and materials engineering, and hydraulic and water resources engineering.

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education provides academic and applied programmes in physical education, sport management and coaching.
Novi Sad

Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty

Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin provides study programmes in industrial and environmental engineering, information technologies, engineering management, clothing technology and technology in education.

Faculty of Security Studies

Faculty of Security Studies provides courses in safety engineering and forensics.

Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation

Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation offers study programmes in special education, rehabilitation, logopedics and related fields.

Faculty of Technical Sciences

Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak offers study courses in information technologies, electrical and computer engineering, mechatronics, engineering and entrepreneurial management and related disciplines.

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law provides legal education at all levels of studies.

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medical Sciences provides integrated studies in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, doctoral studies in medicine and several applied programmes in nursing and therapy.

Faculty of Agronomy

Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak provides study programmes in agronomy, food technology and related disciplines.

Faculty of Philology and Arts

Faculty of Philology and Arts comprises three schools: the School of Philology, School of Music and School of Applied Arts.

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Technology in Leskovac provides education in the fields of textile technologies, chemical technologies, and food technology and biotechnology.