Information on secondary and primary schools is now also available on the Study in Serbia portal

The latest update of the portal has brought a number of new educational opportunities in Serbia that are now available for searching. This primarily refers to the information on primary and secondary schools that have just been added to the database.  Secondary school pupils and their parents coming to Serbia can explore highschool education opportunities on Study in Serbia portal.

Pupils can browse highschool institutions by type, for example secondary school, music or ballet school, by field of studies or by location. There is also an option to browse programmes by type, i.e. to choose between general, vocational or artistic secondary education, or by duration.

By ticking the boxes on the left, it is possible to choose to include or omit public or private institutions, programmes available in Serbian, English or other foreign languages, distance education programmes, etc.

By clicking on any institution or programme, you can find contact informationof the school. The list of secondary schools and programmes they offer is updated annualy.