How to transfer to study in Serbia: general steps

If you are among many foreign students who are interested to transfer from your current studies to studies in Serbian higher education institution, get introduced to some general steps you would need to take.

1. Find a study programme and higher education institution in Serbia you would like to continue to study at, in order to find out how the process of your transfer and recognition of subjects from your present faculty to the institution in Serbia would go. Currently, there are 136 study programs of different levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) at Serbian institutions, which are accredited in English language and available for foreign students. You can find them in our online Catalogue (pages 12-19).

2. When you find a programme from the catalogue, feel free to check all the information at the programme website and also write to the contact persons. Check what are the details and next steps you should take in order to apply for that program, such as the deadline for application, admission requirements, possible entrance exam and so on. If you want to transfer, then it is crucial to check directly with the faculty all the requirements, procedures and deadlines. Feel free to get back to us if you need any help at this step.

3. Also, check general administrative steps that foreign students need to take in order to study in Serbia, such as obtaining a visa. For the first information on that, feel free to check our website

To get familiar with general steps you need to follow to begin your studies in Serbia, please use our detailed 12-steps-guide at the pages 20-24 of the Catalogue.

You can always contact Study in Serbia via e-mail for information and support.


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