Serbian studying opportunities presented at international fairs in Istanbul, Baku and Casablanca

During October and November 2019, Study in Serbia took part in three big international education fairs, which were held in Istanbul (Turkey) on October 12-13thBaku (Azerbaijan) on November 1-3rd, and Casablanca (Morocco) on November 15-16th

Nearly one thousand visitors - high school students, students, parents and other interested parties were introduced with studying opportunities in Serbia, with 450 people being reached by Study in Serbia stand and activities in Casablanca, 230 in Baku and more than 100 in Istanbul, respectively.

Various study programmes on different levels of study provided by Serbian universities, which are accredited in English language and available for foreign students, were presented, as well as practical aspects of living in Serbia such as accommodation, travel and visa. 

Candidates got familiar with both academic and administrative steps they need to take in order to start or continue their studies in Serbia.

Study in Serbia initiative will continue to participate in education fairs worldwide.


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