Congratulations to our talented students!


If you want to obtain high-quality education, Serbia is the place to go. Our students continue to receive a lot of international awards and to excel in many fields. Recently, Serbian students from the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences and Faculty of Philosophy, participated in several competitions and received two awards.

In the 4th edition of the “devoGame” competition, which took place in Paris, Serbian students Sara Havzi, Marko Puzović and Sebastijan Kokai from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, placed second. The “devoGame” is an international student competition that promotes advanced digital solutions designed to protect the environment. Serbian students came up with an innovative solution that aims to reduce the consequences of flooding by planting trees and decreasing the negative effects of natural disasters. The competition brought together students from all over the world, namely from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, etc. 

Another group of students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences and Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Pedagogy, called “Pedomation”, placed first at the 2019 Global Competition on Design for Future Education D4FE organized by the Beijing Normal University. The competitions gathered representatives from Serbia, Tunisia and the People’s Republic of China. Contestants were given 48 hours to create a product that can be used for educational purposes. Olivera Pavlović and Aleksandar Rajić from the Faculty of Technical Sciences and Ognjen Obradović, Jovana Adamov and Tamara Dragojević from the Faculty of Philosophy presented an innovative system called “Vovree”- a solution designed to help medical students with performing surgeries. The team from Tunisia placed second and the Chinese students came last. Congrats to our talented students!

To learn more about how you can study in Serbia and become part of the Serbian higher education system, please check out our website and contact Study in Serbia via email, Facebook or Instagram if you have further questions. 


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