Current situation in Serbia

Current situation in Serbia

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus, the Government of the Republic of Serbia declared a state of emergency on March 15. Fortunately, the measures adopted to slow down the spread of the virus were successful, and the Serbian Parliament decided to lift the state of emergency on May 6. The curfew imposed during the state of emergency was lifted as well. Serbia also opened its borders to everyone. As of May 21, foreign citizens can enter Serbia freely without the need for PCR testing or quarantine. The Government of Serbia recommends that all the persons follow all the precautionary measures. PCR tests for coronavirus remain free for students and minors. Although the epidemiological situation is stable at the moment, the COVID-19 is still circulating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, so it is recommended to follow preventive measures.

Universities and colleges announced that entrance exams are being organized as usual, with all the required prevention measures employed to fight the spread of the virus. The first round of undergraduate admissions is currently ongoing. More information about university admissions is available here.

The current situation in Serbia remains stable, without a significant increase in the new coronavirus cases.

The Study in the Serbia team remains available to prospective and current international students via emailFacebook, and Instagram. Feel free to inquire about studying in Serbia and follow us for further updates on the situation. Also, do not miss tuning in for our free webinar for foreign students to learn more about higher education in Serbia. The webinar will take place on June 30 at 16:00 Central European Time.

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