First blog anniversary!

A year ago, we hit the publish button on the very first Study in Serbia blog post. So far, we have written over 15 blogs about studying and living in Serbia. Our blog is a great place for learning interesting facts about Serbia, its people, Serbian customs and tradition, and for acquiring some useful tips for surviving student life in Serbia.

To find out why you should choose Serbia as your study destination, check out this post. Once you decided that Serbia is the best place for your future academic and career endeavours, have a look at this blog and determine which city in Serbia is right for you. We provided more details on the topic in our blog series about the four largest Serbian university cities: BelgradeNovi SadKragujevac, and Niš. We also posted a detailed cost breakdown on our website to inform you about the costs of studying and living in Serbia. In the end, to spark some joy and make you laugh a bit, we wrote about why you should always avoid sitting on the edge of the table if you wish to get married or how to cook five popular Serbian dishes, so make sure to read all the posts on our website!

For more information on studying in Serbia, contact Study in Serbia via emailFacebook, and Instagram. We are happy to help!


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