Language requirements

The principal language of instruction is Serbian for all educational levels. There are also study programs which are accredited in foreign languages, mostly in English, and in many universities and colleges there are additional possibilities for foreign exchange students, such as organizing consultations with professors in English, etc.

At elementary and secondary levels other languages of instruction include Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and Slovak.

Studying in English

Currently, there are over 170 English-taught study programmes at all educational levels available in the academic year 2022/2023. The programmes are listed in this publication.

There are also additional programmes which are accredited in English and Serbian, but which might not be fully available in foreign languages in this academic year. However, although the lectures and group activities may be organised mostly in Serbian, they offer additional opportunities for foreign students, such as additional consultations with teaching staff in English or other foreign languages. They are especially suitable for shorter student mobilities through Erasmus+ or other mobility programmes. You can find these programmes in the database of learning opportunities for foreign students.

Studying in Serbian

Foreign students can also study in the Serbian language. This significantly broadens the possibilities regarding the number of study fields and programmes available (see all accredited study programmes at Besides, if you want to immerse yourself in the experience of living and studying in Serbia, it is always recommended to learn at least some Serbian. To prepare yourself to enrol at a study programme offered in Serbian only, you can take language courses either online or in Serbia, such as the year-long or semester-long intensive preparatory programme of Serbian as a foreign language for the World in Serbia scholarship holders.

Such a programme prepares students to pass admission exams in Serbian and attend one of over two thousand study programmes at universities and colleges.