Types of institutions

Higher education programs in the Republic of Serbia are delivered at:

  • Universities – independent higher education institutions that may offer all types and levels of study courses. Only a small number of programmes are delivered directly by universities. Most of them are offered by faculties, members of the university.
    • Faculties – members of the universities.  Most of the courses are offered by these institutions which have a certain degree of independence, but have to act within one of accredited universities.
    • Academies of Arts – like faculties, these institutions are members of universities.  They offer programmes in the artistic fields.
  • Colleges - independent higher education institution that offer basic, specialist and master’s degree courses. There are two types of colleges:
    • Colleges of Applied Studies
    • Colleges of Academic Studies

There are more than 245,000 students enrolled in higher education. Among them 174,836 study at public and 30,444 at private universities while there are 32,533 students at public colleges/academies of applied studies and 6,139 at private colleges. (Source: Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Serbia 2022)