Music festivals in Serbia


One of the great things about Serbia is its music festivals that attract people from all over the world every year. From modern sound to traditional music, these festivals offer a variety of musical genres. Through these festivals, you will meet friendly people, good music and have an unforgettable experience. There is something for everyone’s musical taste, and it is up to you to choose the festival to your liking. 

EXIT Festival

Many would agree that Exit is the most popular Serbian festival in the world. It is held at the beautiful 18th-century fortress called Petrovaradin that rises on the banks of the Danube in Novi Sad. The festival brings together dozens of hitmakers from domestic and foreign music productions. Named the Best Festival in Europe several times, Exit is being held in early July and is thematically divided into about 20 stages. Many consider the central stage, the famous Dance Arena, usually reserved for the world's best DJs, "the soul of the festival". To welcome the sunrise in the Dance Arena is described by many as a “once in a lifetime” experience. Whether you like electronic music, pop, latin, reggae, rock, or metal, you will find a stage for you. Exit lasts three days and music is played from late evening to early morning when thousands of visitors move to the festival camp on the nearby Danube beach.

Nisville Jazz Festival

Niš is the third-largest city in Serbia in the country's south and home to the impressive Jazz festival named Nisville. The festival is held in August, in the beautiful ambiance of the old Ottoman fortress from the 18th century. Here you can attend concerts of international stars and non-established artists who have yet to build their name. The festival has a concept of presenting the traditional jazz forms in fusion with the ethnic tradition from the different parts of the world, especially from the Balkans. As part of the Nisville Jazz Festival, many workshops are organized for children and adults, and after the official programme, an informal concert is held at the fortress, which lasts until the early morning hours. The festival lasts for four days and during that period, Niš becomes the capital of jazz.

Guča Trumpet Festival

Another festival held in August is Guča Trumpet Festival. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from the country and abroad flock to the small town of Guča located in Western Serbia to enjoy possibly the largest trumpet festival in the world. The Dragačevo Trumpet Festival in Guča is the largest traditional manifestation which has half a century-long tradition. Dozens of trumpet orchestras from Serbia and the world are competing for the title of the Golden Trumpet of Dragačevo. Guča festival lasts for three days and has three parts: Friday's opening concert, Saturday night's celebrations, and Sunday's competition. The festival is known for its unique atmosphere that attracts even visitors who are not fans of this type of music. Traditional games, songs, costumes, and specialties of the region, which contribute to the authentic atmosphere of this unique festival, complement the musical program.


Lovefest is a summer music festival that is held every first weekend of August in Vrnjačka Banja, central Serbia. Five different stages each unique in its way characterize the festival. Fire Stage is the main and the biggest one reserved for performances of headliners. The other four stages are the H2O Stage famous for pool parties and water activities, 99 Stage with the capacity for only 99 people is among the smallest stages in the world, Energy Stage known for tunes of house and afro house is the only stage that works until late in the morning, and Live Stage is recognisable by live concerts of the most famous regional rock, pop, rap, and hip-hop performers. The festival is organized by a group of local youth since 2007 and has rapidly grown recently attracting many globally popular performers.


Arlemm is a relatively new sensation in Western Serbia that attracts many visitors of their different approaches to the idea of a festival. Namely, this manifestation combines music and education, so many activities are organized, such as a summer school of music, creative workshops, exhibitions, oratory evenings, concerts etc. Founded by four music teachers, it was originally imagined as a summer school for young musicians, but it has rapidly grown into a touristic sensation that welcomes every year more and more visitors. The festival lasts for 2 weeks and the last 3 days are solely dedicated to the concerts of different performers. It is possible to hear notes from classical to rock music, so everyone can enjoy this unique event. Also, all the concerts are free, making them more approachable for young people. 

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