All university towns have a lot of rental apartments and rooms for students. 

The best and safest way to rent an apartment in Serbia is to hire a licensed real estate agent to ensure a higher level of legal security and reduce the possibility of illegal mediation activities.

You can check whether a real estate agent has a license on the official website of the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade by entering the agency’s name or the serial number under which they are registered. The register also contains all the data regarding the agency and information about agents who work there.

Before making any payments for your apartment, make sure first to sign a contract after you read it thoroughly and ensure that it doesn’t contain any misinformation or terms that weren’t agreed upon.

Here is a list of licensed real estate agencies in some of the major cities in Serbia.


With a website in English:

With a website in Serbian:

Novi Sad

With a website in English:

With a website in Serbian:


With a website in English:

With a website in Serbian:


With a website in English:

With a website in Serbian:

You can also look for accommodation on various websites offering a wide variety of apartments for rent posted by different real estate agencies. The following websites offer information in English:

Furthermore, you can click here to find a list of real estate agencies and their listings. Some are licensed, and some are not, so check whether they have a licence on the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade website before signing any contracts.

It is also important to note that the monthly rental price of apartments usually excludes utility bills which have to be paid separately.



If you are coming to Serbia through a student exchange programme, check whether it is possible to book a room in student dormitories through that program. Please keep in mind that there is a selection process involved and that there are usually many students who want to live in dormitories. For more information on student dormitories, visit the websites of student centres in university towns.

BEOGRAD – Studentski centar

Svetozara Markovića br.56; +381(0)11/2658-699; +381(0)11/3612-715

NOVI SAD – Studentski centar

Dr Sime Miloševića 4; +381(0)21/451-300;

NIŠ – Studentski centar

Velikotrnovska br.2;  +381(0)18/236-686; +381(0)18/226-487;

KRAGUJEVAC – Studentski centar

Radoja Domanovića br.1; +381(0)34/336-065; +381(0)34/335-431;;

ČAČAK – Studentski centar

Sveti Sava br.66; +381(0)32/222-302;

KRALjEVO – Studentski dom

Dositejeva br.19; +381(0)36/383-360; 

BOR – Studentski centar

Kralja Petra Prvog br.14; +381(0)30/433-521;

UŽICE – Studentski centar

Ive Andrića br.19; +381(0)31/553-235; 031/553-236

SUBOTICA – Studentski centar

Segedinski put br.11; +381(0)24/548-394; +381(0)24/546-637