Learn something about Serbia – Serbs and their superstitions


You probably know that most people in the world are at least a little superstitious. Like most Europeans, Serbs have an endless list of things you should avoid doing at any cause, and they do take their superstitions quite seriously. To lighten up our moods during these challenging times and incite a few laughs, we have prepared a short story about the four common superstitions in Serbia. Keep on reading to learn more about our beautiful country and its (a little) superstitious people.

Avoid sitting on the edge of the table if you want to get married

This superstition is a common one, and older people will still occasionally claim that sitting at the corners of tables can be the reason for staying forever alone. Of course, no one believes it; however, it is pretty usual to hear it at a family gathering from an aunt or another relative. So, try to avoid sitting on the edge of a table if you ever have a chance to take part in such an event.

Spilling water for good luck

This custom is widespread across the region, and most of our neighbors practice it. People believe that spilling water behind the person who goes on a journey or for a job interview will bring good luck. It is especially crucial to spill some water after a student leaves the house to take an exam! The quantity of the water is not relevant; however, it has to be spilled just after someone leaves the house to ensure a smooth and lucky day for the person, just like the running water.

Don’t leave the window open

A gust of wind is a thing in Serbia, and it has its name - promaja! People are genuinely afraid of it! So avoid leaving the windows open and creating promaja. It is believed that promaja causes illness, misfortune, and it can be responsible for a lot of bad things. This superstition is unique to Serbians, and we have never heard that other nations believe in something similar. So, rule number one–don’t create the promaja in a Serbian home - it is a crime (it is not actually a crime, we are just kidding)!

Don’t leave a loaf of bread upside down

If you leave your bread upside down, something misfortunate will happen to you, and you will have bad luck. This belief is also quite common in France, and there is an interesting story behind it, so make sure to check it out. For Serbians, leaving a loaf of bread represents disrespect, and it is always linked to something bad.

Needless to say, most people do not believe in these superstitions; yet, they are pretty entrenched in our culture and widely known. We hope that you had fun reading about Serbian superstitions. If Serbia seems interesting to you, make sure to check out our previous blog posts and contact Study in Serbia via emailFacebook, and Instagram if you have any questions regarding studying in Serbia. We are happy to help!


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