Serbia for Serbs from the region

This is a project of the Government of Serbia providing scholarships for students of Serbian nationality, who live in the Western Balkan region.

Requirements for a candidate to get a scholarship are as follows:

  • to belong to the Serbian national minority, and have the nationality of one of the countries in the region, to be under 21 years of age for the bachelor's degree studies, to be under 25 years of age for master's studies and under 35 years of age for doctoral degree studies;
  • to have an outstanding performance in a secondary school in order to enrol on the bachelor's studies and an average grade above 8.50 in order to enrol on the master's studies and a master's degree total of 300 ECTS in order to be able to attend doctoral studies;
  • to have a communication level knowledge of the English or Serbian languages and to return to and live in the country he/she came from.

The bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies will be organized at the state universities in the Republic of Serbia and the scholarships will be granted for those qualifications, i.e. study programmes that are needed by the Serbian community in a certain country.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.