Research in Serbia

The quality of Serbian universities is widely recognized, as evidenced by the prestigious world ranking lists of higher education institutions. According to the latest ranking of universities around the world (2022) on the Shanghai ranking list (, the University of Belgrade is placed among the best 500 universities in the world. Considering the subject rankings of the same list, in the field of Food Science and Technology, the University of Belgrade is ranked as the 65th best university in the world and 22nd in Europe, and the University of Novi Sad is among the best 300. Additionally, in the field of Mathematics, the University of Belgrade is the top 500, as well as the University of Niš. The University of Belgrade is also ranked in the field of Physics and Public Health among the best 300 universities in the world.

Other global university rankings, such as URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance), which rates the academic quality of 3000 best universities, feature the University of Belgrade as 290th, the University of Novi Sad as 872th, the University of Kragujevac as 1097th and the University of Niš as 1586th in the overall ranking. Similarly, in CWTS Leiden Ranking, those universities are among the top 800 (Belgrade is 205th and Novi Sad 710th) and they also have notable places in various subject fields, such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Biomedical, and Medical Sciences.

Scientific research

The Republic of Serbia is a full member of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the largest and one of the most important particle physics laboratory in the world. Membership in CERN enables the participation of members of the academic and scientific community of Serbia in various activities and competitions of this prestigious international organization. At the moment, there are four scientific institutions from Serbia actively participating in CERN projects and experiments, of which three are a part of the University of Belgrade (Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Institute of Physics and Faculty of Physics) and one of the University of Novi Sad (Faculty of Natural Sciences).

Researcher mobility

To learn more about the mobility opporunities for scientific researchers in Serbia visit the website of the Euraxess Centre in Serbia: