There are several major Internet providers in Serbia, and the choice often depends on the type of access you need or whether you want your Internet bundled with other services, such as telephone or cable TV. Some of the major Internet providers are:

  • mts - offers both ADSL Internet and mobile Internet
  • SBB – Serbia Broadband  - offers cable Internet access
  • Yettel - offers mobile Internet access
  • Orion  - offers WiFi Internet packages
  • A1  - offers mobile Internet access
  • Verat  - offers ADSL and WiFi Internet access
  • Beotel  - offers ADSL Internet access

There is also a growing number of WiFi hotspots around the cities, especially in cafes, restaurants and parks.

Internet domain

The national Internet domain is .rs. Apart from the .rs domain, there is a domain in Cyrillic script .срб, but there is much more websites with .rs domain name.


The country telephone code is +381, and the calling codes for the larger cities are:

  • Belgrade (0)11
  • Novi Sad (0)21
  • Nis (0)18
  • Kragujevac (0)34

Exit code to dial another city within Serbia is 0 and to dial another country is 00. Therefore, if calling another town within Serbia you have to dial 0 + city code + phone number. If calling abroad from Serbia exit code 00 before dialing the country code. If calling Serbia from abroad you should dial exit code (usually 00) + country code (381) + city code (without 0, eg. for Belgrade 11) + phone number.

Important telephone numbers

  • Police - 192
  • Fire department - 193
  • Ambulance - 194
  • Time - 95

For more information click here.

Mobile phone operators

There are three mobile phone operators in Serbia:

All the operators offer rechargeable pre-paid cards which can be bought and topped up at almost every newsstand or retail shop all over the country.

Please have in mind that roaming charges can be expensive while you are using your telephone abroad in Serbia, since the Republic of Serbia is not a member of EU and the rules of no roaming charges do not apply. For more information about roaming charges while in Serbia please contact your mobile operator.

Republic Agency for Telecommunications

Postal services

If you need to send something by post there are post offices in all towns in Serbia. They are usually open from 7 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri) as well as Saturday mornings, but this depends on the location. To find nearest post office, find postal codes or calculate the postage costs visit the website of the Serbian postal service.

Postal Services Directorate
Železnička 2, 11000 Belgrade
Contact Centre: +381 (0)11 360-7788

Courier service

There are also several courier services available which can send deliver your packages within Serbia within several hours.