5 Do’s and Don’ts when studying abroad in Serbia


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Undergraduate admissions in Serbia are approaching fast and before you know, you will be on a plane (or bus) to Serbia. Although the world has changed during the past few months and everything is somewhat different nowadays, we are slowly embracing new normality and getting back to our usual lives. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we hope that all incoming international students will have the chance to experience student life in Serbia to the fullest. To help you with that, we have listed some helpful do’s and don’ts so that you can make the most of your study period in Serbia. And good luck with the future entrance exams!


1. Don’t limit your social circles solely to people from your country or university

Feeling homesick when studying abroad is normal. It's challenging to move to an unknown country, immerse yourself in a different culture, and meet only people which language you do not speak or understand. Despite all hitches, we would encourage you not to stay inside a bubble of people from your country or university. Go out and explore! Serbians are quite easygoing and friendly, and usually more than willing to share their culture and experiences with you. Remember that studying abroad (and studying at home, to be fair!) is not just about getting a degree and learning new stuff. It is equally important to meet new friends, get to know the country, and experience its culture.


2. Don’t travel just the Balkans and rest of Europe – explore Serbia!

Serbia is perfectly located for traveling the region and the rest of Europe. In just one hour you can be in Rome or Athens. Many students focus on ticking off as many countries from their bucket lists as possible while studying abroad, without really experiencing the country or city they are living in! Serbia has so much culture, rich history, charming cities, lots of delicious food, unique traditions, and landmarks to discover. For the must-see places in Serbia, visit the website of the National Tourism organisation of Serbia. Naturally, make your stay abroad memorable and do visit other countries, however, make sure to truly experience the place where you will live for months or years.


3. Do spend wisely

We wrote about how affordable it is to study in Serbia, so check out our posts for more information on that. However, regardless of how living and studying in Serbia can be inexpensive, make sure to budget your spending. In Serbia, there are student discounts for museum visits, theater plays and discounted meals at student restaurants. Also, you can join free walking tours and explore many tourist attractions for free. There are also ways to save money while you are exploring Serbia. Serbian Railways offer tickets to students at reduced prices. Use all the means you have on hand to save some money aside for your future adventures.


4. Do study hard

Try to stay focused on your studies and keep your work-life in balance. Your primary goal is to graduate and achieve your academic goals. Do study hard and do not go astray and lose your focus. We offered some advice on how to boost your productivity and establish a productive study routine while staying at home and taking classes online in our recent blog post. Make sure to check it out! 


5. Do share your study experience in Serbia with the Study in Serbia team and your friends from home

We are more than eager to hear your feedback about studying in Serbia. Whether you are preparing to enrol in a Serbian university or college, or are already studying in our beautiful country, we want to hear your voices. Feel free to reach out to our team via our social media channels – Facebook or Instagram, or send us a quick email to We want to hear what you have to say about student life in Serbia and the country itself. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! #Stayathome and stay healthy!


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