Types of programmes

There are several types of programmes on Serbian higher education institution, depending on the level and type of education.

  • Basic academic studies (Bachelor) lasting 3-4 years, with 180 to 240 ECTS,
  • Master studies lasting 1-2 years with 60 to 120 ECTS,
  • Doctoral studies (PhD) with a minimum of three years of study or 180 ECTS.
  • Integrated studies lasting 6 years, with 360 ECTS (only in the field of medical science (the studies of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine) and pharmacy (5 years, with 300 ECTS)
  • Specialist studies lasting at least one year, with 60 ECTS, for students who have achieved at leas 300 ECTS in previous studies.

Also, there is a difference between

  • Academic studies – offered by universities (faculties) and colleges of academic studies, and
  • Applied studies – offered by colleges of applied studies as well as universities