Currency of the Republic of Serbia is Serbian dinar (RSD).

Approximately, you can get 117 dinars for 1 euro (December 2022). Always check the daily exchange rate in order to get the precise information.

All the payment should be in dinars, because, generally shops should not receive another currency.

All visitors are advised to exchange currency only at accredited places. It is both risky and illegal to attempt to do so in the street. The majority of banks have 24-hour ATM’s some of which can also exchange foreign currency. Money can be exchanged at official exchange offices, which are clearly labeled and they are numerous in every city. Individual banks and exchange offices are free to set their own rates, but they must be clearly displayed. Rates offered at exchange offices are generally better than those available in the banks, at the airport and in hotels.

Besides the cash, you can use all major debit and credit cards in most places.