Summer getaways in Serbia


It can get quite hot in Serbia during the summer months. The temperatures sometimes exceed 40 degrees Celsius, especially in July. Summer is the perfect time to escape the summer heat in the city and find a more enjoyable place to relax. Luckily, Serbia offers plenty of opportunities for a nice summer escape. Keep on reading to discover where to go when the heat hits hard.

Ada Ciganlija

All the students located in Belgrade will probably visit Belgrade’s artificial lake at some point. The famous Ada Ciganlija is by far the most popular summer spot in Belgrade. The lake is a quite popular recreational zone, with a 6km long beach and many sports facilities. During the summer months, most fellow citizens of Belgrade go there for swimming, beach volleyball, barbeque, and even partying. There are many beach bars and restaurants. Also, if you are into cycling or roller-skating, or maybe golfing, Ada is a place to be. It can be reached by public transportation easily. Visit the official website of Ada Ciganlija and check what it offers. 

Lakes in Serbia

Serbia is a land of mountains, rivers, and lakes. Most lakes are artificial but equally stunning as the natural ones. Depending on your location, you might choose to spend a few days at Silver Lake or visit the Zavoj lake in the southern part of the country. If you want to combine hiking and swimming, make sure to check the Perućac lake on the Drina river.  It is a natural boundary between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the foothill zone of the Tara mountain. We wrote about Tara in our recent post; make sure to check it out! If you are studying in Niš, do not miss visiting the Vlasina lake: the highest and largest artificial lake in Serbia, located in Southeast Serbia. We mentioned just a few; there is much more to discover in Serbia!


Spa lovers will not be disappointed also. Serbia is full of different spas, and there is something for everybody. Spa translates to Banja in Serbian, so many spas have the word „Banja“ in their names. One of the most popular spas in Serbia is Vrnjačka Banja. Banja is a Serbian word for the spa. Feel free to visit one of the seven thermal springs in Vrnjačka Banja in central Serbia or go to Sokobanja – a small spa town in eastern Serbia. It is one of the oldest spas in the country. The northern province of Vojvodina is also home to many spas: Banja Kanjiža, Vrdnik, and Palić, to name a few. One of the best-known spa resorts is Niška Banja, situated at the bottom of Suva Planina in the city of Niš. Perfect for students studying there! You may think that Serbia is not an obvious option for spa tourism, but we are sure that you will change your mind after reading this post!

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