Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics consists of six departments and provides education in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, informatics, biology and ecology, geography and tourism.

Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics is an educational and scientific institution providing teaching and scientific research in the fields of physics, mathematics,  chemistry,  informatics, biology and ecology, geography and tourism at six departments:  Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics,  Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science,  Department of Biology and Ecology, and Department of Geography. The Faculty with  this name was established in 1999, but studies and research in physics, chemistry  and mathematics began long before that (since 1971. in the frame of Faculty of Philosophy)
Today the educational process of the Faculty is organized at primary, master and doctoral levels in the fields of: biology, ecology,  physics, geography, tourism, chemistry, mathematics and  informatics.
Teaching process is organized in 22 study programmes. The accreditation has been obtained for these programmes.
The studies are organized in three cycles – primary, master and doctoral studies providing degrees in Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD.
This is a  complex faculty comprising almost two thousand students, professors, teaching and research assistants and administration staff. Teaching is provided for about 1800 students at all levels of studies.
By the end of 2012, up to 32 specialization papers, 184 master (magister) these, 144 doctoral dissertations and 74 master papers were defended at the Faculty. There are over 260 employees,
 out of which almost  185 are teaching and research staff.

Parent institutionUniversity of Niš
Institution typeFaculty
RegionNišava District
Established in1999

Last accreditation in 2021 by the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Serbia - NEAQA.
Previous accreditation cycles: 2015, 2009.


ProgrammeTypeEducation levelDurationLanguages
BIOLOGYAcademicBachelor3 yearsSerbian
CHEMISTRYAcademicBachelor3 yearsSerbian
COMPUTER SCIENCEAcademicBachelor3 yearsSerbian
GEOGRAPHYAcademicBachelor3 yearsSerbian
MATHEMATICSAcademicBachelor3 yearsSerbian
PHYSICSAcademicBachelor3 yearsSerbian
APPLIED CHEMISTRYAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
BIOLOGYAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
CHEMISTRYAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
COMPUTER SCIENCEAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
GEOGRAPHYAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
MATHEMATICSAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
PHYSICSAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
TOURISMAcademicMaster2 yearsSerbian
BIOLOGYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
CHEMISTRYAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
COMPUTER SCIENCEAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
MATHEMATICSAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PHYSICSAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian

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Institution's website
Comission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance Guide for Students

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Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

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