New education laws enacted in Serbia

Starting from October 7, 2017, the Republic of Serbia enacted a set of new education laws, including the Law on the Education System and the Law on Higher Education.

Changes were made according to the initiative to harmonize the relevant laws with the Strategy for Education Development in Serbia 2020, as well as other regulations in the field of education, personal data protection and public sector funding.

The law that regulates the basis of the education system regulates the basics of pre-school, primary, secondary and adult education. Improvements reconcile earlier versions with current trends in education sector. Taking into account previous version of this law, the new one provides a systematic, rational and gradual approach to the changes in the educational system, with a comprehensive overview of the entire education process.

The Law on Higher Education, combines improvement and continuous compliance with European standards in the higher education control and quality assurance field; increase the relevance of higher education considering economic and social aspect; acquire functional knowledge and competences; increase graduated students employability at home and abroad and improve the information system in the field of higher education.

The set of new laws in education is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia 88/2017.