“Study in Serbia” initiative officially presented to the diplomatic corps and the academic community

The "Study in Serbia" initiative was officially presented to the representatives of the academic community and diplomatic corps from over 20 countries of the world on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 in Belgrade. The Foundation Tempus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, started implementing this initiative, which aims to increase the number of foreign students in the Republic of Serbia.

Opening the meeting, the Minister of Education, Mladen Šarčević, told the audience that Serbian higher education institutions offer 136 accredited study programmes in English, already attracting the interest from countries with a solid tradition of studying in Serbia, such as Greece, Turkey, UAE, Iraq and China. He stated that the quality of higher education in Serbia is recognized internationally, and that the aim is to raise its reputation even more.

To promote the studying opportunities in Serbia for foreign students, a large number of informative and promotional catalogs and materials about the possibilities for studying and staying in Serbia will be distributed through Serbian embassies, at international fairs and similar events. Besides promotional activities, expanding accommodation capacities for foreign students as well as simplifying administrative procedures on arrival will also be issues to deal with by the authorities in the upcoming period.

Marija Filipović Ožegović, director of the Foundation Tepus, who is in charge of the implementation of this initiative, presented the new brochure "Study in Serbia" with all accredited study programmes, information about life in Serbia, accommodation capacities, living expenses, etc. and thanked the representatives of the academic community for assistance and cooperation.

In the following period, the Foundation Tempus will carry out a series of activities for the realization of this initiative. All the information on studying in Serbia will be available to foreign students at the Information Centre in Belgrade (Terazije 39, 1st floor), via e-mail or website

See all the photos from the promotional event in Belgrade by visiting Study in Serbia Facebook page.


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