Academic Achievements of Serbian Universities Recognized in 2023 Shanghai Ranking

The University of Belgrade's commitment to academic excellence has once again been recognized on the global stage, as it garners high rankings across an array of disciplines in the 2023 Shanghai Ranking. As a notable player in various fields of study the University of Belgrade has secured an impressive placement among the best 400 world universities.

Within the domain of Technical Sciences and Engineering, the University's accomplishments are well-recognized in the following subjects:

Food Science and Food Technology: Remarkably, the university secures a prominent rank between the 51st and 75th places worldwide.

Instruments Science and Technology: Placed between the 201st and 300th position, the University of Belgrade's contributions play a significant role in scientific advancements and innovation.

Ranked between the 201st and 300th place, the University of Belgrade's research in Physics contributes to global efforts in the field of Natural Sciences.

Positioned between 201st and 300th in the subjects of Veterinary Sciences and 301st and 400th place in area of Agricultural Sciences, the University of Belgrade reassured his excellence in the realm of Life Sciences.

As in previous years, the University of Belgrade remains deeply committed to Medical Sciences. This dedication is evident in its notable rankings. Both in the area of Public Health and Dentistry and Oral Sciences the University secured his place between the 201st and 300th place, while in the subjects of Clinical Medicine ranked between the 301st and 400th place.

The University of Belgrade's impressive performance across this wide array of disciplines in the 2023 Shanghai Ranking reaffirms its commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and contributing meaningfully to global progress. With a focus on research, education, and collaboration, the university continues to elevate its reputation on the global academic stage. For more detailed insights, visit the official 2023 Shanghai Ranking page for the University of Belgrade.

Beside the University of Belgrade, Serbian universities of Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis were ranked among world’s best in different categories. The University of Novi Sad also achieved significant success ranking among the best 300 universities in the field of Food Science and Technology, as well as in the subjects of Hospitality and Tourism Management. The University of Kragujevac secured a place between the 201st and 300th position in the field of Clinical Medicine, continuing to impact healthcare practices and patient outcomes. The University of Niš ranked among best 500 universities for studying and reserch of Mathematics. More information about the Subject Rankings of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is available here.


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