Fostering International Education: Study in Serbia at EAIE Conference in Rotterdam

With a focus on promoting Serbia as an appealing destination for international students, “Study in Serbia” team participated at the European Association for International Education (EAIE) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Rotterdam. The EAIE Conference, held from 26th to 29th September 2023, provided “Study in Serbia” team with the opportunity to network with international institutions and explore potential partnerships.

During the event, over 300 educators, international officers, and prospective students were able to visit the Study in Serbia stand and find out more about higher education in Serbia. Our team, in collaboration with Serbian universities, provided valuable insights into Serbia's diverse academic programs, study opportunities, and the unique cultural experiences awaiting international students. 

Beyond facilitating knowledge about the educational landscape in Serbia, the conference also served as a platform for higher education institutions from various corners of the world to explore potential partnerships and collaborations with Serbian universities. This exchange of ideas and possibilities fosters international cooperation in the field of education, benefiting both students and academic institutions.

Study in Serbia's presence in Rotterdam has undoubtedly contributed to its mission of promoting Serbia as an education hub, making it more accessible and appealing to students worldwide.


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