Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law provides legal education at all levels of studies.

Parent institutionUniversity of Novi Sad
Institution typeFaculty
RegionSouth Bačka District
Established in1955

Last accreditation in 2014 by Comission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance
Previous accreditation cycle(s): 2009


ProgrammeTypeEducation levelDurationLanguages
INTERNAL AFFAIRSAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
LAWAcademicBachelor4 yearsSerbian
INTERNAL AFFAIRSAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
LAWAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
NATIONAL SECURITYAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
SOCIAL WORKAcademicMasterup to 1 yearSerbian
LAWAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PRIVATE LAWAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian
PUBLIC LAWAcademicDoctorate3 yearsSerbian

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Institution's website
Comission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance Guide for Students

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Faculty of Law

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